So, I bought a bike yesterday…a Honda CBF500

I was hunting, hunting through internet ads this week, had about a dozen to look at when i went to pick up the bike i’d hired for 10 days. The dilemma I had was that I didn’t really want to spend the money on the hire cos that could have gone into buying one, but i kind of needed the hire bike to go look at bikes for sale.

The other, more considerable dilemma, was that it’s apparently difficult to register and insure a bike here in the UK as a non-resident. So hard to find info about this…..the UK department of motor vehicles has a never-ending range of voice options and menus when you ring, that kept me on a call for fifteen minutes until I couldn’t take the voice’s soothing tone any longer…

So, when i went to the hire joint, they ended up having a few bikes for sale. The guy there was great, we had long yarns about politics and traveling and so I went with one that he had. He advised me that it was practically impossible tho for a non resident to get insurance for a bike, essential to register it. So, he was able to sell me the bike, but keep it on the books as a hire, so that it’s fully registered and insured. He threw in a helmet, gloves, lock and all luggage also.

When I finish travels in Africa, I’ll have to try and get it over to Sri Lanka by ship.  It’s only a few years old and runs great, hopefully worth keeping. Now to research travel routes, particularly the marrakesh to bamako mission, 3500k’s through the Western Sahara, heading to the Mali Desert Festival in early January.

Now off to buy some small tools, wet weather gear and, of course, a coupla ocky straps….