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Updates from Ferment Collaborate

Welcome to another update from Ferment Collaborate (FC)!

FC has just completed our role in the University of Queensland St Lucia Campus Draft Master Plan, collaborating with Andrea Young Planning Consultants to share information with and collect feedback from people in the St Lucia Peninsula and Indooroopilly areas. We’re now busy producing Rhizome, a capacity strengthening, networking and professional development event for people working in arts, cultural and community sectors in Brisbane.

We’re also updating the FC website and have just finished updating and connecting our Vimeo channel to the Showcase page. Here you can view some of the latest films we’ve been working on.

The focus in redesigning the website is to promote our work and services through 3 key areas: Engage, Plan, Create. We offer creative ENGAGEment processes with a diverse range of people, specialising in public space activities, formal engagement programs for local planning needs, engaging with young people and CALD communities and engagement and facilitation training . We CREATE local events, workshop programs, film and multimedia, web and graphic design. We work with communities to PLAN for local development and growth, community representative groups, public space management and more.

We’ll update you through this newsletter about changes to the website and new projects and opportunities we’re involved in.

If you’re interested in working with us please email or phone Steph on 0413 057138.

Thanks for reading!

Steph Vajda

Rhizome – a skillshare for arts & cultural workers who are based in Brisbane

We’ve also just launched the Expression of Interest to attend Rhizome: The September Edition, a Symposium of Community Arts and Cultural Development Facilitation Skills being held in Brisbane on 4 September. 

Participation is open to people who are currently or who are interested in working in: community arts; community development; cultural development; socially engaged artforms; arts advocacy and management; cultural and community engagement; community education and health programs or services; creative and cultural workshop delivery and related fields.

Rhizome is a year round program of skill sharing, networking and training for Brisbane’s creative sector, supported by Brisbane City Council.

We’ve also just simplified the application process.

Applications to attend are open until 31 July. 

Visit the webpage for more information and to apply >>>

Do you live in Brisbane? 

Get a(nother) Taste of Lanka!

Join us for another fun night for food, craft and performance lovers in Brisbane as we celebrate Sri Lankan culture at our favourite inner city venue, Wandering Cooks, Brisbane’s hub for foodies and cultural events.

For only $5 entry, join us on 30 August 2015 from 6pm at Wandering Cooks, corner Cordelia Street and Fish Lane, South Brisbane.

By going to our webpage you can buy tickets in advance.

A Taste of Lanka is a fundraising event for the annual Venesa Matram Symposium held in Sri Lanka to support community workers to network, share skills, access training and strengthen their capacity to work with communities around Sri Lanka.

For more information, contact Steph on 0413 057 138 or,

Visit the webpage for more information >>>

Support an inner city community owned venue: 

Improving our space – Upstairs @ 199

Interested in community owned spaces? We’re currently fundraising to develop an operating fund for Upstairs At 199 which will help pay for permits and gear, as well as the costs of incorporating as an organisation. 

Upstairs at 199 is a not-for-profit space set up to support diverse, creative community endeavours. It’s located at 199 Boundary Street West End in Brisbane’s inner city, an area undergoing enormous development pressures and seemingly rapid change.

The venue operates as a space for people to program and manage their own events, with the support of equipment, organisers and other important and often difficult to access logistical needs. Browning Street Studios, who currently manage the space, are supporting a transition to creating a community organisation to manage and activate the space.

Contributions are accepted as either a membership in the new organisation or as a donation and can be made up until 26 July 2015. 

Contribute through Indiegogo >>>

Visit the webpage for more information >>>

Check out Rani’s Edible Story

We’ve just completed a film for Rani Veerassamy, a food entrepreneur from Mauritius based in Brisbane who has a range of food products, teaches cooking classes, provides catering for parties and runs market stalls as Rani’s Cuisine. It’s her first promotional film and it’s great (even if we do say so ourselves…)!

Check out her website for more information –

Watch the film here >>>

A skillshare in Sri Lanka for community workers: 

Venesa Matram Symposium 2015

This years Venesa Matram Symposium in Sri Lanka has been postponed, from its original timing of May to September, due to circumstances beyond our control.

While it’s unfortunate to have to shift the timing, we’re really excited about having received so many applications to attend. To everyone who has supported our fundraising in Perth and Brisbane thank you so much for assisting to make the event happen. We’ll keep you updated.

The Symposium is now in its 3rd year as an annual event for community workers in Sri Lanka. Ferment Collaborate will this year bring together 80 people from around the island, representing Sri Lanka’s diverse cultures, religions and geographic locations.

If you live in Sri Lanka and are interested in attending, or you’d like to support our fundraising ($2,000 to go!), please contact us through the webpage.

Visit the webpage for more information >>>

Interested in being involved in an NVC discussion group?

We’re putting together a group to undertake a course in Non Violent Communication. The course is offered through New York Center for Non Violent Communication group and available online. We’ll coordinate the group and together all members can support each other to complete the 8 weeks of readings and discussions.

What is NVC? Nonviolent Communication (abbreviated NVC, also called Compassionate Communication or Collaborative Communication) is a communication process developed by Marshall Rosenberg beginning in the 1960s.  It focuses on three aspects of communication: self-empathy (defined as a deep and compassionate awareness of one’s own inner experience), empathy (defined as listening to another with deep compassion), and honest self-expression (defined as expressing oneself authentically in a way that is likely to inspire compassion in others).

NVC is based on the idea that all human beings have the capacity for compassion and only resort to violence or behavior that harms others when they don’t recognize more effective strategies for meeting needs,

Please get in touch if you’re interested in participating >>>

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