If you’re interested in attending our skill sharing, training and professional development for artists and creatives in the cultural/arts and communty sectors in Brisbane, but haven’t had a chance to fill in the Expression of Interest (EOI) form as yet, we’ve now extended the deadline to give you another week to do so.

We’ve even simplified the form to make it easier to apply – just complete the form by midnight 7 August 2015 to attend.

Rhizome is a year round program of skill sharing, networking and training for Brisbane’s creative sector, presented by Brisbane City Council and delivered by Ferment Collaborate.

Rhizome: The September Edition is a free Symposium of Community Arts and Cultural Development Facilitation Skills. It is open to participation by anyone involved in arts, cultural or community work, whether you are currently facilitating ‘development type’ outcomes or just interested in moving your work in this direction. The event is about sharing and learning new skills and discussing how best to develop your business and professional identity, the work you do and the sectors we work in. 

The event is open to both experienced and emerging practitioners in these sectors as well as to those interested in developing more arts, cultural and community development skills with their work. It’s important to note that the types of skills participants will learn and share are not only applicable to the external work we do with communities and groups, they are also relevant to and useful for the way we participate in teams, organisations and even within our friend and collaborator networks.

Want more information?

  • Go to the webpage for more details on the event and links to the EOI to attend
  • Email us to talk about why you should attend and what you might get out of it
  • Check out our Facebook page featuring regular updates and where you can talk with other people interested in attending
  • Go directly to the Expression of Interest form and register to attend!