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ABN 34525 418 061  /  PO Box 20117, Nimbin NSW 2480 Australia


Wendy Sarkissian brings over 40 years’ experience to planning, design and environmental studies and was educated in Arts, literature, town planning and environmental ethics. She is a planner, author, educator, facilitator and consultant, working primarily in planning and development in Australia and overseas.

Wendy is passionate about our collective future: the future of housing, planning, communities and community engagement. She works as a consultant for government and private industry to assist with social planning and training needs.

Wendy’s career as consultant and academic in Australia and overseas has provided firsthand knowledge of many contexts, from developers’ boardrooms to low-income housing estates. Originallly educated as an English teacher, she holds a Bachelor of Science in Education, a Masters of Arts in literature, a Masters of Town Planning and a PhD in environmental ethics and planning education.

Wendy has pioneered innovative planning, engagement and development approaches in a wide variety of contexts. She works with senior managers and advisors to government departments and private enterprise, primarily in the urban, community, housing and development sectors.

Now a senior member of her profession and regarded as an engaging and thought-provoking speaker, Wendy was recently appointed as a Life Fellow of the Planning Institute of Australia. She has also served on Boards in South Australia and Queensland and is the author of several books on housing and community engagement.

The past few years have been incredibly productive. She has co-authored three new books on community engagement with Earthscan in London.

A major, year-long evaluation study of resident satisfaction with high-rise housing in Vancouver has been completed and published.  And her new home and office in Nimbin, northern New South Wales, are now built.

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