Trudy Juriansz

Ecological design | social worker/facilitator | sustainability educator


Trudy is a facilitator and environmentalist by heart. She finds her niche in alternate systems of education, design and project development. She has been living and working in Asia for the last 9 years, between Thailand, Myanmar and Sri Lanka, supporting organizational development and youth initiatives, and actively contributing to the sustainability movement.

Her professional experiences range from running organizations, designing programs for experiential education, event planning, managing a small business and teaching. Trudy’s skills include facilitation, coordination, networking and designing ecological landscapes. She is a sustainability educator, an accredited Analog Forestry trainer, a trained and practicing permaculturalist, yoga teacher, and a student of herbal healing.

Currently, Trudy co-leads Belipola Forest Gardens in Sri Lanka, the first Analog Forest site in the world. At Belipola, she guides the ecological farm and coordinates learning programs.  In addition, she works with other local organizations on different projects, such as supporting women from diverse ethnic and religious groups by using home gardens as a means for social reconciliation. Trudy is also an active contributor to the Global Ecovillage Network Oceania & Asia (GENOA), supporting the development of the network in the region, facilitating regional gatherings and participating in the vision council.

Trudy’s ethics and values stem from deep ecology, the sense of community and understanding the interconnectedness of all things. She believes in co-creativity, collaboration, expression and participatory processes, and is passionate about life, people and the natural environment.

Trudy works through Ferment Collaborate on the Venesa Matram Symposium in Sri Lanka and related projects.

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