Steph Vajda

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Steph Vajda is a filmmaker, project manager, event producer,  community engagement specialist, social planner and community cultural development (CCD) practitioner who has been involved in work with communities in Australia for the past 20 years and in Sri Lanka for 5 years. 

As a film maker he draws on his extensive experience working with people from diverse backgrounds and facilitating advocacy, engagement and social planning outcomes. With award winning skills in creative engagement design, cross-cultural facilitation, workshop and event facilitation and community planning, Steph specialises in supporting people and communities to collaborate, articulate and participate, using creative approaches to activating public space, cross cultural engagement and designing platforms to share stories.

He has co-authored two planning publications through London based publisher Earthscan (Kitchen Table Sustainability – 2008 and SpeakOut – 2009), another through Murdoch University (New Directions – 2003) and received over fifteen professional awards. 

Steph’s work is informed by the intersection of arts practice, cultural expression and decision making, as a space available to planners, cultural facilitators and community workers to understand and instigate change. He feels that creating and working within these spaces allows professionals and community members alike to better understand practical and meaningful ways of building communities that people can connect with, express themselves through and celebrate.

He specialises in engaging with people in public space as a means of encouraging understanding and personal and collective sharing. 

Steph has worked in community, government, private sector and advocacy contexts in Australia and Sri Lanka. He has co-authored two award-winning publications with Dr Wendy Sarkissian, through London based publisher Earthscan (Kitchen Table Sustainability – 2008 and SpeakOut – 2009) and has received over fifteen professional awards for his work.

As a film maker Steph engages with marginalised people to uncover and share their stories. His work values the process of story gathering equally with creating quality film content. Most of his film projects have been delivered with remote isolated communities operating as an independent film maker.

Born in Australia, Steph’s family is of Sri Lankan and Hungarian heritage.

Steph is passionate about people, culture, creativity, travel and basketball and dreams of creating multimedia and events that help people understand and connect with their individual and shared visions for a brighter future for all.

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