Supporting Sri Lankan changemakers

Ferment Collaborate has delivered the Venesa Matram Program in Sri Lanka since 2011, including the annual Venesa Matram Symposium.

The Venesa Matram Symposium is a networking, skill building and collaboration supporting event for arts, cultural and community facilitators in Sri Lanka. 

The Symposium aims to create much needed spaces for dialogue, networking, cultural awareness and professional skill sharing to support more connected and effective community building by creative practitioners in Sri Lanka. 

 We’ve been delivering the event since 2013, incorporating evaluation from participants and suggestions by community, arts and cultural practitioners effecting the events design and facilitation.

As we edge closer to 2016 and move into the 4th year of Symposium production we’re looking at ways to broaden the program, create more opportunities for deeper engagement and inclusion of participants and to access funding that can support a local production team.

We also recognise the movement underway in Sri Lanka of progressive young people interested in social justice and creative approaches to supporting communities. We’re working with several Sri Lankan agencies to plan an event for young change makers, based on the Symposium model but designed specifically to engage young people, and are presently looking at options for funding and delivery.

Ideas for 2016

Continuing the Venesa Matram Symposium events, potentially at a venue on the east coast of Sri Lanka. We’re currently talking with an interested host organisation and aiming to confirm this in November 2016.

Developing a social change / engagement / capacity strengthening event similar to the Venesa Matram Symposium but for young people. We’re currently talking with several agencies to develop a management committee and source funding.

Developing a social enterprise to import ethically produced products from Sri Lanka to Australia, to support our projects and provide tangible outcomes for product makers in Sri Lanka.

Interested in working with us?

We’re always interested in talking to other agencies and individuals wanting to discuss collaboration on the Venesa Matram program or on other projects being delivered in Sri Lanka. Please contact us to talk about opportunities to work together.


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