Our Culture, Our Food, Our Stories: new films about food and culture

We’ve seen Indigenous food become increasingly popular in Australian cooking, with bush tucker featured on menus around the country. But what about the stories behind that food? Every billabong, every beach, every track has it’s own stories. Stories about people, about culture, about food. Stories that people share everyday but that aren’t heard.

Food is the great connector in all human life. Why not share the stories of how food is imagined, how it is gathered or caught, how it’s prepared and eventually shared? Why not share those stories in the spirit of promoting positive images of Indigenous people in Australia, promoting ancient knowledge that cared for this land for so long?

Join Chef Zach and guest presenter Leila Gurruwiwi as they share stories from remote NT, stories of the land and its people, stories about sharing food and learning country. Each episode features a remote Indigenous community where we connect with local people and prepare food with them. This series shares real stories of Indigenous people in remote NT, through the lens of traditional food with a twist, in communities mostly forgotten or portrayed negatively.

Filming April to May 2017

A Ferment Collaborate & Elijah’s Bar and Grill Production

Scheduled for release in 2018

Epiode 1: Following Zach’s journey from Melbourne to Darwin, the series begins at the Darwin Taste Festival, sharing some of Zach’s story and his vision for the series and for Elijah’s.

From there we travel to Yirrkala, flying to Gove first, and driving to meet Timmy Bururrwanga to hunt and prepare food together, learning about the connections of the food we hunt and the roles for Yolngu people within the totems.

Episode 2: Back in Darwin, Zach and his team plan the next leg of the journey, to the Tiwi Islands. We join local people to hunt together for dinner to prepare. Travelling around Tiwi Islands, we will be discussing the connections that Tiwi People have with the land and traditional ways of life, learning about the Tiwi Dreaming stories connected with the animals and landscape.

Episode 3: Kakadu. A vast magnificent land, the home to Aboriginal people for more than 50,000 years. A place where culture is strong. We join Mandy Muir on a journey through Kakadu National Park, where we learn about Mandy’s family and their connection to the people of the Kakadu and the food that we hunt.

Episode 4: Chef Zach travels to Leila’s home, Galiwin’ku or Elcho Island, to share stories, hunt and cook with the team from the Hope For Health program. Zach hears stories about chronic disease, about the regular funerals, but also about a new hope for Yolngu people to once again see food as medicine.

Episode 5: Back in Darwin, we find the main characters from each of the episodes gathered in a new venue. At Elijah’s Bar & Grill, we find a lively discussion remembering the food and stories we shared in community and the dreams invested in a new restaurant about to open to the public.   

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