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In 2011 Ferment Collaborate was invited to work with Daniele Constance and Thom Browning as part of their FAN Theatre project with Forgotten Australians. The project involved the sharing and recording of stories related to each member’s experiences with health and medical institutions in Australia and then creating an installation at the State Library of Queensland for the public to view and experience. 

Our role was to work with the group to document their meetings and the development of the installation, while at the same time recording their own reactions to the project and members of the public accessing their stories.

This was a very special project to be involved with. We thank Daniele, Thom and of course all members of the Brisbane FAN Theatre group who so graciously and inspiringly shared their experiences and their hopes and vision for a brighter future.

Project Details

Client FAN Theatre Brisbane

Date 2011

Skills Engagement, film and audio production


Who are the Forgotten Australians?

Forgotten Australians are the estimated 500,000 non-indigenous and indigenous children and child migrants who experienced care in institutions or outside a home setting in Australia during the 20th century.

Here's the films we made!

Thanks to all members of the Brisbane Forgotten Australians who participated in this great project and allowed us to share their story through film.

Brian’s story

Leonie’s story

Lana’s story

Sharryn’s story

Marlene’s story

Ken’s story

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