Malcolm McDowell

sound engineer  |  social planning  |  engagement    |  multimedia

Malcolm is a musician and sound engineer who is a currently studying Town Planning at the University of Queensland.  He has worked with many bands and musicians as producer, writer and sound engineer.  Malcolm has a background in writing music for short film and corporate video.  His involvement in short films has also seen him as location sound recordist and post production sound engineer.

His passion for the creative process has seen him work alongside many musicians and film makers. He enjoys this collaborative process where his technical skills aid in the creative outcome.  Malcolm believes that music can be a valuable tool for artists and communities to translate their message to the wider community.


Malcolm’s study in town Planning has fuelled his interest in social planning, place making and urban design through community engagement.  Malcolm would like to combine his audio and music experience with his current studies in Town Planning.  With this he hopes to create liveable and socially just communities for people to engage in sustainably healthy lifestyles.

Malcolm is based in Brisbane, Australia  |  0432 449040

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