Erin Riddell

engagement  |  social research  |  participatory development  |  sustainability


Erin is an independent consultant who works with Ferment Collaborate on specific projects.

With a background in applied anthropology Erin is trained in social research and participatory processes of development, communication and social change. She believes in creative, multi-stakeholder collaboration and committed to strengthening the vibrancy, sustainability and inclusivity of the communities she works with.

With ten years in the social justice sector, Erin has worked on numerous projects across the Asia-Pacific exploring gender, livelihoods and self-reliance. In Australia, Erin has worked extensively in the youth and communication sectors, including youth homelessness support, education and advocacy, several years in community media and facilitated the participatory design of youth communications platforms.

Abroad, Erin has worked in participatory video in rural Nepal, programme evaluation in the Solomon Islands and creative and cultural industries policy appraisal in Southeast Asia.

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