Venesa Matram Symposium 2014

Delivered in Sri Lanka in association with community, arts and cultural organisations and individuals

Note: ‘Venesa’ and Matram are words for change in Sinhala and Tamil

Our main project in Sri Lanka is the Venesa Matram ‘Creative Social Change Symposium’.

In 2013 we’ll be delivering the second of these events.


The Venesa Matram Creative Social Change Symposium is a networking, skill building and collaboration supporting event for arts, cultural and community facilitators in Sri Lanka.

In 2013 the event will be held from the 4 to 8 December and will be hosted by the Kaveri Kala Manram Cultural Organisation in Chulipuram, Jaffna.

The annual event aims to create a space for dialogue, exchange and experience sharing that can support more connected and effective community building by creative practitioners. The Symposium encourages practitioners to learn new skills, share their own practice and discuss needs and approaches related to the communities they work with.

Ferment Collaborate, an Australian-based community cultural development agency, produces the Symposium in collaboration with community agencies based in Sri Lanka. Our focus in delivering the event is to connect practitioners from around the island and in the process break down geographic, cultural and religious boundaries that have been reinforced through over 30 years of conflict. By working with those who deliver community development work, we aim to empower facilitators to in turn work with communities to address these same issues.

The Symposium is being developed through a Management Committee of volunteers from Sri Lanka and Australia. Stay tuned for details about the Symposium themes and program over the coming weeks.


Individuals can support the Symposium by:

  • Promoting our various activities through your own networks and helping to identify other promo opportunities for us to follow up
  • Selling tickets to our raffle and fundraising dinner
  • Volunteering to help manage our market stalls in Brisbane
  • Coming to our craft making sessions to make products to sell at the stalls
  • Buying tickets to events and the raffle
  • Supporting and promoting our online crowd funding campaign
  • Having your own fundraising event or activity
  • Other ideas? Get in touch!

Organisations in Sri Lanka can get involved by:

  • Downloading the information booklet to find out more about the Symposium
  • Contributing funds, equipment or information resources to support the Symposium and participants
  • Engage any of our Sri Lankan or Australian Symposium organisers to deliver work with your own agency
  • Support community projects that emerge from the Symposium

Organisations in Australia can get involved by:

  • Promoting our fundraising activities
  • Identifying funding opportunities and connecting us with them
  • Connecting with Sri Lankan facilitators and participants