Rahul is an intern and emerging project manager and faciltiator who is involved in all FC projects.

Rahul is a recent graduate from the University of Queensland who undertook the Bachelor of Regional and Town Planning. Throughout the duration, Rahul was exposed to various elements within planning but found himself drawn towards social and community planning, which positively drove his efforts in his final year undergraduate research project. This project was based upon exploring the Queensland Governments’s objective of Meaningful Community Engagement, whilst evaluating the engagement processes of the Redlands 2030 Community Plan to establish whether it was able to act as an exemplar framework.







Rahul Naidu

Town planning  |  engagement  |  photography


Through his experiences, Rahul found that his interests strongly lie with engagement methodologies and best practice. He joined Ferment Collaborate to further deliver his aspirations within community planning and develop strong foundations in working with a continually diversifying public realm.

Having grown up in Australia with two differing cultures, Rahul hopes to use these valuable learnings as strengths in encouraging and delivering an array of robust engagement practices through research and project work.