Mena Jasmin  is an actor and director who has been involved professionally in the arts since 2005 featuring in music clips,   commercials and films such as Pacificia, Queensland Tourism Commercial and the Youth Awareness Video

A significant professional development opportunity, she highly valued her time performing and learning from the Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts (ACPA) dancers and choreographers. Mena was privileged to perform in the Opening Ceremonies of the Goodwill Games and Sydney Olympic Games.  

Mena has a background in modelling and casting management together with her experience performing and facilitating productions and events. She has been fortunate to have produced fashion parades, charity events, acting and dance workshops and producing scripts such as The Gift from Mr Beanard 2013. 

From 2010 to 2012 she produced and hosted a global music show ‘Global Beatz’ for community radio station 100.7fm 4US in Rockhampton. Most recently she performed in the company of the musical theatre production of Jesus Christ Superstar 2014 directed by Karen Crone.









Mena Jasmin

creative facilitator  |  actor and director  |  producer  |  film maker

In recent years her Mena has been exploring her writing, winning the Rockhampton Fringe Film Competition for Best Script and Best Film.  Inspired by a true story that took her to the Indigenous spiritual lands of Woorabinda where the community and their country brought the script to life.  This experience changed her as an artist and ignited her passion for filmmaking.

Mena is now focused on her mentorship with filmmaker and producer Steph Vajda.  Driven by a passion for the creative arts and a desire to tell meaningful stories of the human condition that promote connection and thought, Mena finds inspiration in those not so perfect moments when life turns upside down.