Madeleine Radke

waste management  | engagement  |  events  |  project management    |  +61 411 866201


Madeleine’s passion is working with clients and communities to improve environmental outcomes through cultural management, with a basis in good communication and relationship building techniques as a means to alter social norms.

Her work in waste management is underpinned by the idea that environmental design elicits behaviours, and that conscientious design is required to enable communities to act in line with their underlying pro-social values.
Madeleine’s goal is to reconnect individuals with a sense of place, of ability, pride and participation, to improve environmental outcomes and reduce unnecessary costs and logistics that arise from a culture of non-engagement.

She undertakes regular public speaking engagements to spread the idea of behaviour as a response to environment and to educate about sustainable festivals.

Her long-term vision is to build a toolkit which empowers events to review their cultural impact, to form intentional cultural goals, and to assess the design elements of their event that enhance or inhibit their intended cultural outcomes.

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