About Ferment Collaborate

Our Story

Founded in 2010, Ferment Collaborate (FC) is a creative agency representing the work of Steph Vajda and associates.

We specialise in delivering inclusive film making and creative community engagement. 

Our approach is informed by the intersection of creative expression, cultural practice and decision making, as a space for promoting understanding and cross cultural learning and for instigating change.

Steph is a film maker and engagement specialist who draws on twenty years of professional experience. With award winning skills in creative engagement design, cross-cultural facilitation, workshop / event production and community planning, Steph supports people and communities to collaborate, articulate and participate, using creative approaches to activating public space, cross cultural engagement and designing platforms to share stories.

Our projects engage with people in public spaces as a means of encouraging stories about connections between people, place and culture.

We aim to connect these stories with decision making and power in an attempt to recognise and provide responses to cultural, social, geographic and economic barriers that disconnect people from each other, the opportunities they deserve and their environment.

We prioritise working with marginalised people and communities to uncover and share their insights and stories, valuing the way we connect with people and their experiences equally with creating quality outcomes.

We’ve worked with a diverse range of individuals and communities and welcome you to contact us to discuss how we can collaborate and make change together.

Our organisation may be small, but our combined networks, ideas and skills aren’t.



Guiding principles

Clarity of Purpose

Understanding the wider context of where we work is essential to creating meaningful outcomes. We always need to understand, as best we can, how local cultures and contexts effect the way we design and implement our work.

Culturally respectful

Culturally appropriate approaches to how we carry out our work provide a tangible basis for encouraging people to participate, engage with each other, strengthen their awareness and understanding and value getting involved in community projects and decision making


Our approach to projects comes from understanding the need to include all voices, human and otherwise, in conversations that guide the way communities, organisations and projects are planned and managed.

Strength to strength

We build upon the strengths a community already possesses. Our experience is that communities already contain the ingredients for addressing issues and needs. No community is a blank slate.

Each one teach one

Each step of our work involves creating opportunities for training, skill sharing and mentoring, particularly focusing on how we can connect people in the community to strengthen each others capacity.

Collaboratively empowering

Our approach to empowerment is about working with people to connect culture with influence, interest with skills and motivation with outcomes. We do not empower, we work with people to create spaces so they can empower themselves.


We are a group of multimedia professionals, planners, project managers, event producers, change agents, writers, arts managers, musicians, strategists, visual artists, producers, actors, campaigners, resource managers, placemakers, facilitators and designers who have worked together across multiple contexts, from rural to urban, in Australia and internationally.

Steph Vajda of Ferment Collaborate regularly works with other independent professionals to design and facilitate creative engagement and film projects.

The Ferment Collaborate family is listed below – click on their images to find out more about who we are.

If you’d like to work with us, please use our contact page.